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  • The Department of Network Engineering

    Publication: 29/04/2019

    Promotional video for the Department of Network Engineering.

  • Get to know the ESEIAAT

    Publication: 08/02/2019

    Promotional video for the Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering (ESEIAAT)

  • At the frontier of Moore’s Law?

    Publication: 24/01/2011

    How can a single chip perform trillions of operations per second? Will Moore’s Law hold? The UPC is leading a European project to design the computer memory of the future.

    Shrikanth Ganapathy. Department of Software. Soft Computing Research Group.

  • Will mobile coverage problems soon become a thing of the past?

    Publication: 25/05/2010

    The UPC is leading a European project to create the technology of future mobile networks: WiMax and LTE.

    Adrián Agustín. Department of Signal Theory and Communications Signal Processing and Communications Group.

  • Satellites to study climate change?

    Publication: 06/04/2010

    The European Space Agency launched the SMOS satellite in November 2009. Researchers from the UPC monitor its sensors. The mission, the first to be led by Spain, will enable more precise forecasts regarding climate change.

    Alessandra Monerris. Radiometry Group. Department of Signal Theory and Communications

  • Do you want to see an intelligent room?

    Publication: 22/12/2008

    Are you late for a meeting? The CHIL room may be able to tell you what has happened while you were not there. Discover a smart room that talks to its environment and can feel, see and understand what is happening.