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  • Electric airplanes?


    The UPC is researching how the motor that moves an airplane’s ailerons works. The goal is to create safer, cleaner airplanes: the airplanes of the future?

    Miguel Delgado. Department of Electronic Engineering. Motion Control and Industrial Applications Group.

  • Waterpoof and fireproof cardboard?


    A new, highly resistant, mouldable, porous material that is both fireproof and waterproof and is made out of recycled paper and cardboard: a glimpse of the future? The UPC has already created it.

    Gabriel Ros and Gustavo García. Biprocel S.L.

  • What would we do without energy? Energy for all by 2030


    Did you know that 4 out of 5 families in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity? What would we do without energy, considering its fundamental role in our daily lives?

  • Satellites to study climate change?


    The European Space Agency launched the SMOS satellite in November 2009. Researchers from the UPC monitor its sensors. The mission, the first to be led by Spain, will enable more precise forecasts regarding climate change.

    Alessandra Monerris. Radiometry Group. Department of Signal Theory and Communications

  • Recyclable tyres?


    About 3.4 million tonnes of used tyres are generated in Europe each year. Although the material they are made of is not biodegradable, it has certain properties of interest to the scientific community, which is seeking new ways to recycle it.

    Pilar Casas. Department of Chemical Engineering