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  • A massive pulsar irradiates a Solar-type star

    Publication: 28/05/2018

    Researchers from the UPC and the IAC discover one of the most massive neutron stars.

  • Liquids and solids at the same time?

    Publication: 24/01/2011

    Disordered systems are found throughout nature, and there is no theory to describe them. How do the molecules of a liquid move as they cool? The UPC is studying the structure of liquids.

    Luis Carlos Pardo. Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Materials Characterisation Group.

  • Computational and Applied Physics PhD studies

    Publication: 06/09/2010

    The main purpose of our studies is to provide a high level training in the fields of Computational Physics and Applied Physics, as well as to supply an appropriate background in the general methodologies of the scientific and technical research. Our aim is that the future PhDs will have the capacity to lead both research and technological innovation in the fields indicated above.