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  • At the frontier of Moore’s Law?

    Publication: 24/01/2011

    How can a single chip perform trillions of operations per second? Will Moore’s Law hold? The UPC is leading a European project to design the computer memory of the future.

    Shrikanth Ganapathy. Department of Software. Soft Computing Research Group.

  • A virtual assistant to fight tumours?

    Publication: 25/05/2010

    The UPC is designing an intelligent system to provide support for the diagnosis of brain tumours in order to help doctors improve diagnoses in clinical oncology.

    Alfredo Vellido. Department of Software. Soft Computing Research Group.

  • Do you want to see an intelligent room?

    Publication: 22/12/2008

    Are you late for a meeting? The CHIL room may be able to tell you what has happened while you were not there. Discover a smart room that talks to its environment and can feel, see and understand what is happening.