Esferas públicas - Conferència de Matija Bevk


arquitectura, urbanisme


per etsab
Novembre 2018

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Conferència de Matija Bevk on analitza diferents projectes propis i com s'integren i formen part de l'espai públic

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Vasa Perovic and Matija Bevk are key to an understanding of the process of the hybridisation of Western models and ties to local culture. Dealing mainly with non-profit or low-cost apartment blocks, Bevk Perovic arhitekti did not harden into obvious formal citations of the local architectural language or traditional housing types, as in the redefinition of these types in response to legislative variables and local planning regulations.

Bevk is graduate of the faculty of architecture of the University of Ljubljana. Like Perovic, he has travelled widely in Europe, especially in Holland. I developed my architectural personality while studying at the Berlage, explains Perovic. At the time, architectural compositions was taught based on a leftist political agenda.

Other characteristics are the use of basic low-cost materials that permit part of the budget to be devoted to the creation of exterior public spaces, considered an integral part of the project. References to Dutch architecture can thus be found in this rational and social approach to design.

We are one of the very few architectural firms in Slovenia that specifically designs social housing without treating it as a speculative and financial operation. We consider our quest for low-cost solutions that afford a high quality of life as an interesting architectural and political opportunity.