Complejidad y contradicción en la Arquitectura. Robert Venturi (1925-2018) - Conferència de Xavier Monteys




Octubre 2018

Amplia pantalla Baixa resolució


Conferència a càrrec del catedràtic Xavier Monteys on analitza l'obra de l'arquitecte Robert Venturi (1925-2018) dintre de l'espai Dimarts Cultura de l'ETSAB

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The examples chosen reflect my partiality for certain eras; Mannerist, Barroque, and Roccoco especially. As Henry-Russell Hitchcock says, "there always exists a real need to re-examine the work of the past. There is, presumably, almost always a generic interest in architectural history among architects; but the aspects, or periods, of history that seem at any given time to merit the closest attention certainly vary with changing sensibilities" As an artist I frankly write about what I like in architecture: complexity and contradiction. From what we find we like - what are easily attracted to - we can learn much of what we really are. Louis Khan  has referred to "what a thing wants to be", but implicit in this statement is its opposite: what the architect wants the thing to be. In the tension and balance between these two lie many of the architect's decisions. Robert Venturi. 1966