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Video Do you want to see an intelligent room?
Are you arriving late to a meeting? Perhaps the CHIL room can help you to know what has happened since you were not there...
Video Computational and Applied Physics PhD studies
The main purpose of our studies is to provide a high level training in the fields of Computational Physics and Applied Physics, as well as to supply an appropriate background in the general methodologies of the scientific and technical research.
Video You too can turn your dreams into your future
At the UPC you can turn your dreams into your future. You’ll get to know people who, like you, have never given up their dreams. Many have already made theirs come true.
Video Urban robots: a new generation of robots
¿Los robots canviarán la forma de vivir en nuestras ciudades? Este reportage de Euronews aborda esta cuestión y habla con el investigador de la UPC Alberto Sanfeliu, que trabaja en este ámbito de investigación.
Video The laser, detective of cancerogenic cells?
Progressing in cancer diagnosis? The Institut of Photonic Sciences is doing research in new noninvasive diagnosis techniques using a laser light.
Video LCMA - Laboratory of the Environmental Center
This laboratory is focused in the assessment of atmospheric environment in urban areas both indoor and outdoor air.
Video SETRI. Separation Techniques and Industrial Waste Treatment Group
The activity of this group concentrates on the development of separation processes, development and validation of analytical methods, and the study of the characterization and treatment of waste.
Video PSEP. Synthetic Polymers: Structure and Properties Research Group
The group works in the area of synthesis and study of structure and properties of new materials. Applications concern to the development of biodegradable materials for the biomedical field as well as nanocomposites.
Video POL. Industrial and Advanced Polymers and Technological Biopolymers Research Group
This group works in synthesis, characterization and property evaluation of advanced industrial polymers with special interest in bioplastics and biotechnological polymers.
Video AMPC. Analysis of Cultural Heritage Materials Research Group
The aim of the group is to study materials of historic, archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage interest using chemical-analysis techniques and scientific equipment.
Video CEPIMA. Process and Environment Engineering Centre
CEPIMA carries out research, development and innovation focused on how process systems should be designed and managed over their complete life cycle for an optimum integration of technical, economic and environmental issues.
Video CERTEC. Centre for Technological Risk Studies
CERTEC develops an intense research work on hydrocarbon fires, wildfires, modelling of serious accidents, risk analysis and analysis of the environmental situation in maritime ports.
Video ENGIBIO. Engineering and Biotechnology Research Group
The overall objective of the research group Engibio is the development of biotechnological processes with a high level of implementation and rapid transfer of results to industry.
Video GBMI. Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology Group
The group works in the area of the study of biological molecules, especially in the field of proteins with applications in biomedicine and biotechnology.
The group works on the study of the micro- and macro-characterization of polymer materials and chemical systems relating to the textile and/or chemical industries.
Video IMEM Group
The group’s research and technology transfer activity focuses on macromolecular chemistry and nanoengineering.
Video IMEM II. Molecular Engineering Laboratory
This research group is devoted to understand and exploit the relationship between the structure and the properties of molecules, using computational methods.
Video MACROM Group
The MACROM group works in the area of understanding the three-dimensional structure of biomolecules by using single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques to study the structure of DNA and its interactions with drugs, ions and proteins.
Video Algorithms to forecast natural disasters?
The IMPRINTS project arose from an initiative of the European Union that to improve warning and prevention systems for flash floods and debris-flow events. The research consists is the development of computational models for hydrological purposes.
Video Passport to the UPC
Video Liquids and solids at the same time?
Disordered systems are found throughout nature, and there is no theory to describe them. How do the molecules of a liquid move as they cool? The UPC is studying the structure of liquids.
Video How do materials react to fire?
What is a fire lab? What new construction materials are being researched? The UPC is using computer simulation to achieve safer, more sustainable buildings.
Video An underground that never breaks down?
Is it possible to predict mechanical and electrical failures in the motors of Barcelona’s underground? A team of young entrepreneurs has designed an artificial intelligence system to do just that.
Video Noiseless, vibration-free buildings?
Is it possible to predict the acoustic consequences of structural design in the fields of construction and civil engineering? How are noise and vibrations transmitted?
Video Bacteria that can cause miscarriages?
How can a type of bacteria commonly found in wet environments, such as pools, cause a miscarriage? How do pregnant women become infected?
Video Hydrogen-producing plants?
Is it possible to obtain hydrogen from a chemical reaction? The UPC uses catalysts with nanometric particles to obtain hydrogen from renewable fuels.
Video Waterpoof and fireproof cardboard?
A new, highly resistant, mouldable, porous material that is both fireproof and waterproof and is made out of recycled paper and cardboard: a glimpse of the future? The UPC has already created it.
Video A virtual assistant to fight tumours?
The UPC is designing an intelligent system to provide support for the diagnosis of brain tumours in order to help doctors improve diagnoses in clinical oncology.
Video Will mobile coverage problems soon become a thing of the past?
The UPC is leading a European project to create the technology of future mobile networks: WiMax and LTE.
Video At the frontier of Moore’s Law?
How can a single chip perform trillions of operations per second? Will Moore’s Law hold? The UPC is leading a European project to design the computer memory of the future.
Video Satellites to study climate change?
The European Space Agency launched the SMOS satellite in November 2009. Researchers from the UPC monitor its sensors. The mission, the first to be led by Spain, will enable more precise forecasts regarding climate change.
Video Algorithms to improve freight transport?
The UPC has developed an algorithm that is able to optimise freight delivery for courier companies, reducing their costs by 7% to 12%.
Video Electric airplanes?
The UPC is researching how the motor that moves an airplane’s ailerons works. The goal is to create safer, cleaner airplanes: the airplanes of the future?
Video Semi-solid casting of metal parts?
Aluminium die-casting processes have evolved with a view to improving the manufacturing of high-performance structural parts. What is sub-liquidus casting?
Video Simulations to predict phenomena on a nanometric scale?
Computer simulations allow us to perform virtual tests that cannot be performed experimentally, but can we develop computational models and techniques to predict the behaviour of nanomaterials or proteins? It might not be such a harebrained idea.
Video Recyclable tyres?
About 3.4 million tonnes of used tyres are generated in Europe each year. Although the material they are made of is not biodegradable, it has certain properties of interest to the scientific community, which is seeking new ways to recycle it.
Video School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering of Terrassa
The School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering of Terrassa is the only school in Catalonia offering the bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering. But not only this... Do you know the ETSEIAT? Discover all we can offer you in this video. Watch it, we are waiting for you!
Video What would we do without energy? Energy for all by 2030
Video UPC, innovation, talent and technology
UPC, innovation, talent and technology
Video Scientific and Technical Services of the UPC
A search engine for services, laboratories and cutting-edge facilities to aid businesses that carry out research. Discover the new website of Scientific and Technical Services of the UPC in this video.
Video Discover UPC Scientific and Technical Services
A search engine for services, laboratories and cutting-edge facilities to aid businesses that carry out research. Discover the new website of the UPC Scientific and Technical Services in this spot.
Video The Control Engineering Division of the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC)
Video The Robotics Division of the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC)
Video The Industrial Engineering and Logistics Division of the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering IOC
Video The UPC, the university for Engineering, Architecture, Sciences and Technology
Eduard, Mónica, Zhang, Iván, Bernat and Adrià are just six of the 32,765 students of the UPC who have shared their projects, dreams and experiences in this video. We invite you to get to know them and to discover, through them, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The UPC, the university for Engineering, Architecture, Sciences and Technology.
Video Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE)
Video Honorary doctoral degree award ceremony for Dr Amal Hadweh
Video CERN
Video WOMEN-UP project
Video The UPC, a university with a global outlook
Video Thirtieth anniversary of the Erasmus programme
Video UPC movement
Video The UPC today
Video Welcome ceremony to PhD Students 2017-2018
Video Brief speech by Ms. Bérénice Martín, from the International Relations Bureau
Video Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design and Development
Video Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Group UPC
Video A massive pulsar irradiates a Solar-type star
Video A 2.3 Solar-mass neutron star in PSR J2215+5135
Video LaCàN - Mathematical and Computational Modeling in Science and Engineering
Video 4D POLYSENSE project
Video Clip of the video ‘Change the world with the UPC. It’s your turn now!’
Video Change the world with the UPC. It’s your turn now!
Video Get to know the ESEIAAT
Video The Department of Network Engineering
Video Resources for Managing Specialised Language
Video Terminology
Video Discourse genres
Video Introduction to Specialised Language
Video 2020, a year to change the world
Video Eye health awareness campaign to fight myopia
Video Gender bias and artificial intelligence: What are the challenges?
Video Message from the rector of the UPC on ending the lockdown of 2 June 2020
Video Master's degree in Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering
Video Master's degree in Chemical Engineering: Smart Chemical Factories
Video Master's degree in Landscape Architecture (MBLandArch)
Video Master's degree in Advanced Studies in Design-Barcelona (MBDesign)
Video Master's degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture-Barcelona (MBArch)
Video Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Design-Barcelona (MBDesign). Master's thesis Faezeh Ragheri
Video Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Design-Barcelona (MBDesign). Master’s thesis Zihui Zahang
Video A summer to remember
Video Why take a doctoral degree at the UPC?
Video Important notice