Will mobile coverage problems soon become a thing of the past?




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Maig 2010

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The UPC is leading a European project to create the technology of future mobile networks: WiMax and LTE.

Adrián Agustín. Department of Signal Theory and Communications Signal Processing and Communications Group.

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Research has helped Adrián Agustín increase his ability to ‘organise and plan’ his work. He is currently a researcher in the Signal Processing and Communications Group and participates in the Rocket project, which aims to enhance wireless communication systems.

Within the framework of the project, a variety of solutions have been proposed, including introducing relays and designing the necessary techniques to use them to improve communications, increasing bandwidth to make it possible to transmit more information, and trying to ensure that, at the cellular level, all users have very good coverage for Internet transmissions and data transfer.

The radio spectrum has been observed to be underused in certain places and at certain times of day. In such cases, the researchers are investigating the option of using both mobile terminals and base stations to detect whether the idle bandwidth can be used to increase the speed of data transmission. The project likewise proposes deploying very small and affordable relay terminals and significantly increasing the performance of wireless networks.