Waterpoof and fireproof cardboard?




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Gener 2011

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A new, highly resistant, mouldable, porous material that is both fireproof and waterproof and is made out of recycled paper and cardboard: a glimpse of the future? The UPC has already created it.

Gabriel Ros and Gustavo García. Biprocel S.L.

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Gabriel Ros and Gustavo García believe that the success of this business project will hinge on knowing how to work as a team and having full confidence in each team member’s work. They insist that ‘curiosity is what drives both researchers and entrepreneurs’.

The research team has created a new material made out of paper and cardboard waste that is mouldable, fireproof, porous, waterproof and highly resistant and can be used as a substitute for plastic and other materials commonly used in the construction sector.

The new material, which they have named Biprocel, is obtained by applying a biotechnological process to cellulose waste, is environmentally friendly and can be obtained without the use of chemicals. It has applications in a variety of sectors, ranging from construction to shipping or packaging. In fact, because of its high resistance, insulating and waterproofing properties and low density, Biprocel can be used as a replacement for plasterboard and other materials used in construction, such as insulating partition walls, soundproofing panels and drop-ceiling tiles, or for polyester tissue in packaging.