Simulations to predict phenomena on a nanometric scale?


enginyeria civil, matemàtiques


per Servei de Comunicació i Promoció
Maig 2010

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Computer simulations allow us to perform virtual tests that cannot be performed experimentally, but can we develop computational models and techniques to predict the behaviour of nanomaterials or proteins? It might not be such a harebrained idea.

Marino Arroyo. Laboratory of Computational Methods and Numerical Analysis. Department of Applied Mathematics III

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This young researcher and civil engineer conducts his research in the fields of computational mechanics and numerical methods, the mechanics of carbon nanotubes and liquid membranes, and the use of finite-element technology to solve real engineering problems.

Marino Arroyo has received a prestigious Starting Grant for nearly €1.5 million to pursue his work in the field of multiscale modelling and computer simulation. Starting Grants are a highly competitive grant programme that aims to launch the careers of the most promising researchers. He has also been recognised by the ICREA Acadèmia programme, which rewards excellence in research and leadership with €250,000 grants intended to allow recipients to devote themselves primarily to research for a period of five years.