Recyclable tyres?


enginyeries industrials, química, sostenibilitat


per Servei de Comunicació i Promoció
Maig 2010

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About 3.4 million tonnes of used tyres are generated in Europe each year. Although the material they are made of is not biodegradable, it has certain properties of interest to the scientific community, which is seeking new ways to recycle it.

Pilar Casas. Department of Chemical Engineering

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This young industrial engineer specialised in chemistry and engineering management works in the private sector for a German multinational as a technical consultant on paint additives for the Spanish market. With a view to improving her CV, she decided to supplement her career with doctoral studies.

Pilar Casas is adamant that ‘without research, there is no innovation, and without innovation, companies aren’t competitive. We need new ideas, new products that position Catalonia at the forefront of scientific research.’ For Casas, research has an addictive side. ‘The best part about being a researcher is that the more progress you make, the more curious you become—you get hooked!’