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per Departament d'Enginyeria Química
Febrer 2011

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The Polymer Materials and Textile Chemistry Research Group (POLQUITEX) of the Department of Chemical Engineering studies the micro- and macrocharacterisation of polymer materials and chemical systems that are related to the textile and chemical industries.

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The Polymer Materials and Textile Chemistry Research Group (POLQUITEX) is currently working on the modification and optimisation of processes related to polymers (synthesis, modification and treatment) and the variables used in their industrial applications (drug delivery, insertion of biomolecules, encapsulation of active ingredients, absorption of chemical species, compounds, etc.) and control of the properties of the end product (permeability, desorption kinetics, colour, mechanical properties, surface characteristics, durability, etc.)

Part of the research group is dedicated to characterising the structure of sustainable composites and determining their mechanical behaviour. These composites are made up of recycled polymers that have been reinforced with lignocellulose fibres obtained from waste wood and brush. Other sustainable compounds are those for which elastomeric particles obtained in the process of reusing tires are used as reinforcement. Both types are characterised by the group at the mechanical, thermal and structural (configurational and conformational) levels.



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