Noiseless, vibration-free buildings?


edificació, enginyeria civil, estadística, matemàtiques


per Servei de Comunicació i Promoció
Gener 2011

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Is it possible to predict the acoustic consequences of structural design in the fields of construction and civil engineering? How are noise and vibrations transmitted?

Cristina Díaz. Department of Applied Mathematics III. Laboratory of Computational Methods and Numerical Analysis.

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For Cristina Díaz, raising the status of research is vital. ‘Greater value has to be placed on the work of PhD students, at both the economic and social levels. Spanish society has to realise how much added value PhD students offer. Students need to feel that devoting themselves to research is simply another career choice and that having a PhD will broaden, rather than limit, their career possibilities.’

Díaz researches the parameters and structures involved in noise propagation without forming part of a specific project. This gives her the freedom to follow her own interests, which has led to a rich and varied experience that is anything but routine. Specifically, her line of research is the numerical modelling of vibroacoustic problems (i.e. problems involving vibrations and sound) in the spheres of construction and civil engineering.