IMEM II. Molecular Engineering Laboratory


enginyeries industrials, química


per Departament d'Enginyeria Química
Febrer 2011

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The Molecular Engineering Laboratory of the Innovation in Materials and Molecular Engineering Research Group (IMEM) focuses on understanding the relationship between the structure and properties of molecules using computer simulation techniques.

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The Molecular Engineering Laboratory is part of the Innovation in Materials and Molecular Engineering Research Group (IMEM)Open in a new window, which works on the following lines of research:

  • Materials innovation, which includes the development of new polymeric materials using experimental and computer simulation techniques, corrosion protection mechanisms and anticorrosion additives for coatings.
  • Molecular engineering, which involves work on molecular modelling in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies. The main topics studied are the development of algorithms for the conformational exploration of peptides and proteins, and for the subsequent analysis of the conformations obtained; the modelling of G protein-coupled receptors in lipid bilayer receptors; the design of combinatorial libraries through an analysis of molecular diversity; and the design of new compounds (rational drug design).

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