LCMA - Laboratory of the Environmental Center


enginyeries industrials, química


per Departament d'Enginyeria Química
Febrer 2011

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This laboratory is focused in the assessment of atmospheric environment in urban areas both indoor and outdoor air.

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The Laboratory of the Environmental Center (LCMA)Open in a new window works on the design of methodologies in the area of atmospheric environment applied to the real evaluation of air quality (indoor-outdoor air) in urban areas (VOC-HAP), monitoring of episodes of smells with identification of the compounds responsible and their origin, creation of territorial planning tools, drafting of maps showing impact and concentration of pollutants, and measurement of the impact of activities by means of chemical monitoring and computer modelling. Equipment is being developed in the same field for monitoring volatile organic compounds; this equipment is aimed at monitoring air quality and its integration as part of public participation in recording short- and long-duration episodes of smells.

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