Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design and Development


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Desembre 2017

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Do you want to learn to design and program video games? On the bachelor’s degree in Video Game Design and Development you will train to become a professional who can conceptualise, design and program video games and content for interactive digital environments.

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The Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Centre (CITM) (obriu en finestra nova) teaches the bachelor’s degree in Video Game Design and Development, which is designed for you to acquire the multidisciplinary competencies that are involved in the creation of video games and interactive materials and a solid scientific grounding in associated technologies, programming with multiple platforms , artistic and graphic design and 2D and 3D modelling and animation . Graduates may work in video game design individually or as part of a group, gain extensive knowledge of the industry and become familiar with the keys to entrepreneurship. The degree can be taken in Terrassa , in Catalan and Spanish, or in Barcelona, in English.