An underground that never breaks down?


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Is it possible to predict mechanical and electrical failures in the motors of Barcelona’s underground? A team of young entrepreneurs has designed an artificial intelligence system to do just that.

Marc Gispert. Thinking Forward S.L.

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For Marc Gispert, the success of this business venture can be credited to its team, ‘to the bonds of friendship that we have forged, which allow us to work non-stop, for hours on end, because we share the same objective’.

The final project for his degree consisted in designing artificial intelligence hardware and software able to predict mechanical and electrical motor failures. With a view to pursuing the project further, his group began to collaborate with the company Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), which has been key to allowing them to get the business project off the ground.

The group entered their business idea in the 9th Contest of Business Ideas sponsored by the UPC’s Innova Programme, and it took second prize. Thus was born Thinking Forward S.L., which has created a new hardware and software system to detect potential electrical motor failures. The system’s clearest application can be found in the railroad sector, where it would increase safety and considerably reduce both predictive and corrective maintenance work, and also enhance the reliability of systems that use electrical motors.